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Stoltz gives a great performance, giving his character real heart under the mass of cliches, and Thompson does well as the girl he covets.If you wanted a grade-A douchebag int he 1980s then you could go with either James Spader or Craig Sheffer, and neither would disappoint.Watts will even go so far as to chauffeur a date for Keith and Amanda, if only to prove--after a lot of patient, emotional anguish--that she's better for Keith than Amanda could ever be. The movie's drama comes from Keith's gradual realization that there's more to love than surface attraction, and Hughes gets extra mileage out of the romantic confusion by allowing Thompson's character to be more than a shallow campus cutie. Ray: Because you radiate this sexual vibe and I know that if you wanted, you could be a girl Ray: like that. Did you know a girl can be whatever she wants to be? My wife spends a lot of time laughing at things with me, but she also spends a fair amount of time laughing AT me.Fortunately, she laughs at aspects of my personality that she finds endearing. Duncan: We're gonna bring this party up to a nice respectable level.

By a strange confluence of events, Keith ends up landing a date with one Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), a very attractive girl who has just separated from her douchebag, upper class boyfriend (Hardy Jenns, played by Craig Sheffer).

--Jeff Shannon Duncan: I'm here to kick your ass, and you know it, and everybody here knows it, and above all, you deserve it. I hate watching my friends get everything their hearts desire. Ray: See, a lot of guys I know think that you're...

In fact, I think it's safe to say that this party is about to become a historical fact. I gave into that hatred and I turned on what I believed in.

Keith later uses his college fund to buy a pair of earrings for Amanda.

Meanwhile, Amanda's rich ex-boyfriend, Hardy Jenns plots trouble for Keith by inviting him and Amanda to a party after their date.

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