Malawi dating

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The demander never does anything for herself but expects load of things from you.She can’t fend for herself, she needs a man to do that, and when she has that kinda man, demand and supply starts, it’s all Economics.Living with an aggressive woman can lead to anything, all she needs is just one moment of madness and you could be served dinner in the hospital.The same way I’m against an aggressive man is the same way I’m against an aggressive woman.Like I said earlier on, there is no perfect woman, everyone have skeletons in their closet but some traits need working on before entering a relationship with someone cos it might just turn out to be a disaster date.However, I believe these traits can be bettered with hard work and determination, from the gold digger down to the competitor.Today, a holiday, or even a shopping trip, did not happen unless there is photographic proof uploaded to Instagram.

Except it’s just a fling thing or a relationship that isn’t serious, dating some kinds of women would just be a disaster. A gold digger doesn’t care about you bro, it’s all about the money to her and once there is no more cash, it’s all over.The fact you satisfied her this week doesn’t mean you will the next week.The competitor wants to be in front at all times so she’s always on the lookout.She competes with her neighbours, friends and everyone around her.The competitor kinda woman is the type that you would hardly keep satisfied, so just picture being with that kind of woman who wouldn’t be satisfied.

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