Leopard updating boot caches

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(By the way, thanks to the laptop's nice design, it was very easy to swap out the hard drives with the help of a small Phillips-head screwdriver and a tiny torx wrench.

The installation of Windows 7 64-bit was then done just like with any PC: I booted the computer with the installer DVD and followed the onscreen installation instructions.

Both computers, however, took just about 1 second to return from sleeping.

For this reason, I didn't actually test the wake-up time as it was too short in both operating systems to produce meaningful numbers or even allow me to measure the difference.

There's no rocket science involved here; all you need is a good stopwatch, a Mac Book Pro, and a lot of time. First, the testing described in this article is somewhat anecdotal as it was performed on only one computer and, to some extent, was conducted differently from how we generally test computers for CNET reviews.

(Read CNET's official reviews of Windows 7 and First off, the test machine is a 15-inch unibody Mac Book Pro with a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, and a 512MB Nvidia Ge Force 9600M GT video card.

In gaming, Windows 7 also offered higher frame rates.

In our Call of Duty 4 test, Windows 7 scored 26.3 frames per second (fps) while Snow Leopard got only 21.2fps.

Both computers were set up for high performance in power management. Windows 7's Visual Effects was left at "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer," which, in this case, equaled all items being checked except "Save taskbar thumbnail previews." Snow Leopard's graphic setting was set to "Hi-performance mode." Except for Cinebench and Call of Duty 4, which have a scoring system of their own, all other tests are time-based. Originally, I wanted to also do the same testing on an i Mac, but as it turned out, Boot Camp 3.0 doesn't provide support for Windows 64-bit running on i Macs.

I personally performed all the time-based tests and the Cinebench test, while my colleague Joseph Kaminiski, who has tested hundreds of computers for CNET reviews, took care of benchmarking the operating systems using Call of Duty 4. We did each test multiple times and checked the consistency of the results to make sure they were not affected by any aberration, such as me pressing the stopwatch button too fast or too slowly.

In time-based tests, Snow Leopard consistently outdid Windows 7.

It was a different story, however, with other third-party benchmarking software.

Cinebench R10 showed that Windows 7 was noticeably better than Snow Leopard in 3D image rendering--with a score of 5,777 versus 5,437 for the OS X (higher is better).

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