Legal risks to dating single moms

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Finally, once you have made friends with people you trust, ask them over to your place every now and again, so that your home looks like a busy place with plenty of people around.Another way to protect yourself when living alone is to take precautions and use your common sense.If a stranger comes to your door, ask them for ID and deal with them at your doorway, where you can be seen by other people.

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" If you are one of those women who live by themselves, you start to think about how to live safer.(Check the full report here.) These days, the IP cameras are highly affordable to provide a real peace of mind.As a single lady living alone for the first time, it is best to buy security cameras to help you feel safer.The live footage on these cameras can be viewed on phones and mobile devices, from any location.This makes it possible to view any suspicious activity taking place, while you are not there. Besides burglars, a natural disaster is also a hidden danger for female living alone in a new city or apartment.

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