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A number of the local banks offer services akin to those found in most international banks worldwide, including savings and current accounts, credit cards, loan facilities, and online banking.

Bank charges vary slightly from bank to bank, but if you use your bank card to withdraw money from another bank’s ATM, expect to pay 200 fils. Credit cards are issued on approval and you will need to hold an account at the bank into which your salary is transferred every month.

Banks are open Saturday to Wednesday, although a few branches do open on Thursdays. A bounced cheque is taken very seriously and will usually result in arrest.

Main Banks As expats are presently unable to purchase property in Kuwait, renting is still the only option.

Clinics are located throughout Kuwait and can usually be found next to the local supermarket or cooperative.

Employees will also need a medical certificate confirming they are fit to work.

If you sign your contract in Kuwait while on a visit visa, you will need to leave Kuwait and go through the same process (it is common practice for companies to send locally recruited employees to Bahrain for these procedures).

Rental contracts are usually for a period of 12 months and payments are made monthly in advance, either by cash or cheques.

Using an agent is a convenient, albeit expensive, way of locating accommodation.

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