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The KJV uses many archaic words: words such as jangling, subtil, privily, and holpen, etc. (Note that the New King James Bible, commissioned in 1975, has replaced archaic and outdated words while retaining the basic text and style of the KJV.

Michael Holmes writes more about the Greek texts behind English Bibles here.

A decade or so later, full English Bibles began to be printed.

First came the Coverdale Bible (1535-1537) which used Tyndale’s NT, as did the Matthew Bible (1537).

King James favoured the hierarchical structure of the Church of England and wanted the new translation to use words that supported a bishop-led hierarchy.

In keeping with his preferred views on church government, he specified, “The old ecclesiastical words [are] to be kept; as the word church [is] not to be translated congregation.” (I personally believe “congregation” is a better translation of the Greek word in some verses.) King James also ruled that only his new Bible could be read in England’s churches.

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