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#honoured [sic].”Kevin will be playing the lead role of Norman Fletcher’s grandson in the new series, who is incarcerated for hacking computers.

The new Porridge has been written by the sitcom’s creators Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

It centers on Amanda Marshall (Annabelle Stephenson), who is caught between her current and former boyfriend, and her close circle of friends from college.

In a recasting, Sandvig will play Nick, a member of Amanda’s crew who is a veteran womanizer with no problems getting girls to fall in his lap.

When watching the more mainstream shows that pull in more viewers, such as Little Britain, The Fast Show, Harry and Paul and The Arm Strong and Miller Show, etc, I always get a bit bored after a couple of episodes as the sketches are just repeated again and again with the characters in different situations doing similar things.

After the pilot didn’t make the cut, it was picked up by ABC as a single-camera comedy.Nigel Fletcher is a sharp-witted chancer with no respect for authority. Now, nearly 40 years after Norman served time, Nigel is following in his grandad's footsteps. After The Kevin Bishop Show, Karen Gillan was cast as Amy Pond in Doctor Who.In her first interview with Doctor Who Magazine after being announced as the new companion she was asked about her previous acting roles she was asked which one she had been particularly proud of or particularly enjoyed and her answer was The Kevin Bishop Show.With the Kevin Bishop show, it's never boring as a result of not falling into this same trap and I highly recommend it - hopefully he will keep making comedy as he certainly should be better recognised for the talent he is.You can catch all the episodes for free on 4o D as well.

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