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Adam Mc Guire – the “intense brown-haired chap who’d been eyeing Douglas and Holmes on board.

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As our "crime scene" is the book we're reading, the "Trace Evidence" is information related to the book: Our Cast(s) of Characters, Graphic Crime Quizes, and Links related to the author and the story.

He, his son Little Huan, and his friends provide a safe shelter in Port of Spain for Holmes and Douglas, as well as martial aid (through the Sacred Order of the Harmonious Fists) later in the story. Sutton – Georgiana’s mother and her maid Maria are the last people at the decaying Sutton Plantation.

She shares details of her husband’s great-great grandfather and his wife migrating from Britain as indentured servants.

Nestor Ellensberg – the “rheumy-eyed German business man who is one of Adam Mc Guire’s cohorts and investors.

His mysterious employer obtained the funds for their criminal venture that Holmes later “frees” for the Crown. The douen is a demon who aids the lougarou to kill people and take their blood.

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