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Reading forums like this does not encourage me to release a 1.5 version – people will download it, trade it, and still come back to complain to me.It’s a lot of work for very little financial or spiritual reward when I go that path.I donate all the time I do not charge for anything on my site except advertising to cover home broad band costs I belive in keeping it free?So I still think it should be free and I would donate if i made any money from script at all from donations that was up and beyond my costs.

I think my product does enough to justify its costs.

This is not just a profile system, but it is also the messaging system, membership system, the picture gallery, etc - all integrated with membership-level based access control.

You could probably weave some other components out there together, but you would need some serious programming knowledge and would be doing a lot of hacking. Joomla is a content management system, and it really lacks any kind of good user management or role based access, this all had to be done to make Joomla Date work.

My free time is valuable to me, and I do like to eat as well every now and then.

With any piece of software, you need to weigh the costs and benefits. How serious are you, can you afford all the other costs?

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