John stone dating ruf

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The interior is original with good carpeting, fully operational gauges, and clean overall presentation with only minor seat cover bolster wear and slight shrinkage to the leather dash top.The mechanics of the car, however, were built to make silly power with reliability and longevity in mind. It is a hot rod 930—a car that, in stock trim, is unforgiving to those who don’t respect its capabilities.The car was handed over to Montclair, New Jersey based garage Exclusive Motorcars—the original licensed RUF liaison in North America.The accompanying history file catalogues more than ,000 was spent on bringing the car up to RUF specifications.The 3.3-liter flat-six was punched out to 3.4 with a twin-plug setup and stuffed with Carrillo connecting rods, RUF pistons, RUF cams, larger intercooler and turbocharger, custom exhaust manifolds, and tune.935 style side ducts were cut into the quarter panels for extra brake cooling and more aggressive offset RUF wheels were added for lightness and additional grip.If you’ve dreamt of converting a 911 to RUF standards, this 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo could save you serious coin—someone else already picked up that tab. So here is my footnote for the series: Les Newsom, Britton Wood, Brian Sorgenfrei, Justin Clement, Matt Howell, John Stone, Tim Keller, Jay Denton, Sammy Rhodes, John Cox.

This service expenditure totaled an additional ,000-plus in work.It’s elegant while aggressive with functionality and usability harmoniously packaged—the ultimate 911 for real world excursions.This 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo retains most of its Porsche factory looks with restrained RUF modifications.The car has never been restored but, instead, sympathetically maintained throughout its life.The body wears at least a partial respray but was likely completely repainted back to the original silver finish—the seller isn’t 100% sure.

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