Jenette mccurdy dating

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She said "I did not want to play Sam anymore--I was over it.

I'm sarcastic and blunt enough in real life that I wanted to do something different." Jennette Mc Curdy, star of Nickelodeon's i Carly, leaked the semi-naked selfies in the tradition of Vanessa Hudgens and Dylan Sprouse.

Ever since female celebrities discovered that they could gain the attention ..

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette Mc Curdy flashes her boobs outside in the leaked topless photo above.

Former Nickelodeon “i Carly” star Jennette Mc Curdy just had the nude photo below and video above of herself on the toilet leaked online.

Jennette Mc Curdy is certainly no stranger to having her private nude pictures leaked online, as she has done so in the past here and here. Former Nickelodeon star Jennette Mc Curdy took to her Snapchat to show off her boobs in the photo above.

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According to Jennette Mc Curdy, she dated Andre Drummond because "he seemed like a big deal." Drummond took to Twitter several times to choose Mc Curdy as his "Woman Wednesday Crush." Fans of the Nick show Sam and Cat are worried that the Jennette Mc Curdy's sexy i Carly selfies will mean the show will get cancelled.

Of course this breastal challenge did not go unnoticed by the reigning queen of social media sluttery Bella Thorne who responded by posting the pic below revealing her underboob. This weekend there was more intense fighting in what seems like a never-ending battle.

Of course I am not talking about the fighting in Syria or even the Taliban’s glorious victories over the US in Afghanistan, but rather the celebrity social media sluttery war.

Jennette Mc Curdy fans have been poking fun at the i Carly star in meme photos.

The 21-year-old Jennette Mc Curdy, best known for playing Sam on "i Carly" and its spinoff "Sam & Cat," does not appear nude, but i Carly star Jennette, who is best friends with singer Ariana Grande, is seen posed seductively on her bed, wearing a little bra and underwear and showing off a lot of cleavage.

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