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She was born to Jervis Spencer Janney (father) and Macy Brooks (mother)’s house.Janney has two siblings whose information is not known.The President is rushed to hospital following a shooting; staffers field questions on protection measures and executive authority.Flashbacks show how key staff members joined the Bartlet campaign. See full summary » Director: Ken Olin Sam helps Josh battle his health insurance company; Ainsley Hayes encounters her firebrand boss and hostile colleagues; Abby gives the President some good news about his health; C. discovers a retiring General intends to publicly criticize the president.Recently, for the movie ‘I, Tonya,’ she won Oscar for an Actress in Supporting Role.As she has been active in this field for more than 28 years, we can assume her average annual revenue to be in a million.When Donna was injured by a roadside bomb in the Middle East, (late Season 5, early 6) the normally workaholic Josh dropped everything and stayed with her at the hospital in Germany.Josh brought Donna red roses, then found her gone (she had a blood clot.).

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As time went on it became clear that they cared deeply for one another: When Josh was shot (Season 1, 2) Donna went to his house every day to take care of him and bring him food, even restricting Josh's workload and preventing other staffers from coming until he got better, and Donna was the one who noticed Josh's symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

When Sam Seaborn joins the campaign he forces Josh to go on a vacation and Josh asks Donna to join him.

Several weeks later, on the morning of Santos' inauguration day, Josh and Donna wake up in bed together.

She holds American citizenship and is of white American ethnicity.

The 58 years old actress will be turning 59 years in November 2018.

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