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Welch Updated 12 September 2013 Read the Introduction to “A Temple Studies Bibliography,” with Search Instructions Go to the Update History Go to the Bibliography A-F Go to the Bibliography G-N Go to Additions to this Update → = new this update ☹= problem with entry -O- Oaks, Dallin H. “A Study of the Effects of Color in the Utah Temple Murals.” M. [Egypt/Creation/Cosmology/Architecture] O’Connor, David. “The Status of Early Egyptian Temples: An Alternate Theory.” In The Followers of Horus: Studies Dedicated to Michael Allen Hoffman, edited by Renee F. “The Significance of the Temple in the Ancient Near East: II –The Mesopotamian Temple.” Biblical Archaeologist 7, no. Also in The Biblical Archaeologist Reader, edited by G. “On the Composition of Luke vii 36-50.” Journal of Theological Studies 38 (1937): 243-45. “Jesus and the Temple.” Ensign 21 (April 1991): 13-19. [Israel/Mountain/Sacrifice/Offerings] O’Hare, Daniel M. “‘Have You Seen, Son of Man,’ Preliminary Studies in the Translation and Vorlage of LXX Ezekiel 40-48.” Ph D diss., University of Notre Dame, 2009. “The Expectation of Elijah and the Presence of the Kingdom of God.” Journal of Biblical Literature 118 (Autumn 1999): 461-76. “Moriah–The Mount of Temples and Sacrifice.” Jerusalem: Mormon House, 1985. Zion, The City of the Great King: A Theological Symbol of the Jerusalem Cult. [Christian/Ritual/Liturgy/Worship] Olsen, Daniel H. “Contesting Identity, Space and Sacred Site Management at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.” Ph D diss., University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), 2008. “Baptized, Consecrated, and Sealed: The Covenantal Foundations of Mormon Religious Identity.” In Mormons, Scripture, and the Ancient World: Studies in Honor of John L. [Mormon/Sacred Space/Cosmology/Symbolism] Olson, Dan. “Pharaoh’s Daughter, Solomon’s Palace, and the Temple: Another Look at the Structure of 1 Kings 1–11.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 27 (2003): 355-69. “From Pentecost to Administration: A Reappraisal of the History of the Hosanna Shout.” Mormon Historical Studies 2 (Fall 2001): 7-37. “The Closet, the House and the Sanctuary.” Christian Century 98 (1981): 1285-89. [Mormon/Ritual/Liturgy/Worship/Ablutions/Covenants/Anointing/Marriage/Sealings] Olsen, Steven L. “Joseph Smith’s Concept of the City of Zion.” In Joseph Smith: The Prophet, the Man, edited by Susan Easton Black and Charles D. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1993. “The Mormon Ideology of Place: Cosmic Symbolism of the City of Zion, 1830-46.” Ph D diss., The University of Chicago, 1985. ” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 30 (December 2005): 223-42. “‘Jerusalem Rebuilt’: The Temple in the Fin-de-siecle Zionist Imagination.” In The Temple of Jerusalem, from Moses to the Messiah: Studies in Honor of Professor Louis H.

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