Irish independent online dating

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“Things tend to get really awkward around date proposals.People are afraid of rejection or their ego taking a hit.There is no easy way of moving a digital relationship to that first date and these factors are contributing to app fatigue and churn rates.“We believe the future of dating goes beyond the initial match and Teeze is all about making it much easier to set up dates that actually get people together,” he adds.

Each part of the decision-making process is encouraged by consistent, easy to follow graphics designed to help people say “yes” or “no” to a date with ease and minimum awkwardness.“This led to Teeze, which was developed and tested throughout 2017 and soft-launched in February of this year.” Teeze is aimed primarily at millennials but is open to all and free to use.The company will make its money from three revenue streams: advertising, competitively-priced and variable premium features and exclusive mentions for possible meet-up venues.Teeze suggests potential matches based on stated preferences, gender, age and location.Matches are presented in scroll fashion to make it easier to browse pictures and profiles.

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