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Alienated Romantic Populists Although it may seem contradictory to label Zola's revolutionaries, whom many critics have observed to be conspicuously similar, romantic populists at all, their careers and their characteristics are quite unlike those of Michelet's own life or of Hugo's revolutionaries.

Nor are Zola's revolutionaries much Prostitute in lantier the Princess Casamassima or Hyacinth in James's novel or like Beramendi in Galdos's, as we shall see in the following chapters.

Thus, Zola's revolutionaries make their journey away from the people attempting to escape them. Zola's romantic populists are like those of James and Gald6s in that they espouse that romantic revolutionism—at least in the earlier moments of their development before frustration drives them to more violent and radical extremes.

No doubt, as a group they invoke the name of the people less, but they assume the same virtue and heroism of the people that Michelet seems to; thus they all generally seem profoundly ignorant of or reluctant to acknowledge the realities of human nature and imagine instead a perfect, utopian world as the result of the revolutions of which they dream.

On the verge of the hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of Ali Delvari, Hoomayoun, who is a lazy student, is tempted to compete in the article competition to win the prize. Solomon drives the train of laughter in order to prove his manhood in the family and the community where he has been questioned for one thousand reasons, and he himself has realised and seeks to resolve his shortcomings.

A student majoring in social work has started interning at a HIV Support center.

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After her father's death, who was also her mentor, their old group decides to put aside their dissensions and get together once again so that Alma recovers.

But she will be faced with complex facts and events.

Hossein Ataari is an 80 year-old stage and film actor who has not been active in the artistic field for over 10 years.

Due to some evidence she suspects that her father wants to marry a woman who has a 7- year-old son.

she couldn't deal with that so she decides to talk with the woman's son.

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