Internet dating goes behind bars

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If you behave yourself and don’t do anything too foolish, you will be unlucky to end up in trouble, and daytime safety is very high.

You’ll notice plenty of street beggars in Phnom Penh, more than you find elsewhere due to the extra poverty, and many of them have got missing limbs and other deformities.

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It’s not just the older generation begging on the street either, there will be children lining up to beg from you and collect your discarded rubbish for whatever pittance it’s worth when recycled.There are none of the characteristic gogo bars for which Thailand is famous, and the Cambodian capital has a much more sleepy feel to it after dark.There are, however, plenty of Phnom Penh nightlife attractions to keep most visitors happy for a couple of weeks at least and there is even an ever growing bunch of disenfranchised Thailand expats that are moving over to Phnom Penh on long-term visas.Fistly, the bars themselves are much more run down than in Thailand, shit-holes is the word that springs to mind!It’s not just the fixtures and fittings that are past their best, the general cleanliness level is beyond filthy with lots of discarded rubbish and cockroach infested toilets etc.

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