Ie7 without validating

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One of the best reasons, is that it is up to date, whereas Internet Explorer 6 is very old.To help reduce these costs, you can download the Enterprise Site Discovery Toolkit , which can help you prioritize which sites you should be testing based on their usage in your enterprise.Tips for web developers Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 can be very effective in providing backward compatibility for older web apps. Though there may be various ways to bypass the validation check but probably this the simplest.

Since getting the site to validate is a massive undertaking already, I figure I might as well propose updating to an HTML5 doctype.This post is only to be used for educational purposes.If you find a mode in which your site works, you will need to add the site domain, sub-domain, or URL to the Enterprise Mode Site List for the document mode in which the site works, or ask the IT administrator to do so.The toolkit also gives you information about which document mode a page runs in your current browser so you can better understand how to fix that site if it breaks in a newer version of the browser. Go to the Tools menu, select Compatibility View Settings, and add the site to the list.Tips for web developers If your website worked in an older version of Internet Explorer, but no longer works in Internet Explorer 11, you may need to update the site.

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