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The second exception is the Pinball training method.

Normally, the Pinball training method results in no changes to stats.

Can only be hired using Online Ad and above Chipman Z Force Description: Eats bananas peels and all.

How to unlock: Will be unlocked after getting 3rd Grand Prize.

As you continue to train your employee, certain types of training will become less and less efficient, until it eventually results in no stat gains at all. The first is the event of a Super Parameter Up, in which the employee gains three times the standard stat gain at it’s maximum potential.

The occurrence of a Super Parameter Up is completely random, but can help to push your staff beyond their normal training limits.

Your timing must be perfect in order for this to work.

If all of the spots in your office are filled with staff, when you hire new staff you can avoid paying the signing fee.

The second is to unlock new game genres and types, expanding the types of games you can play.Training methods play two important roles in the game.Firstly, they are the primary way in which to increase the stats of your employees, the other being leveling them up, which in turn results in better games being produced.Can only be hired using Hollywood Agent Kairobot Description: Thanks for finding me!How to unlock: Will be unlocked after getting 5th Grand Prize.

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