How accurate are 12 week dating scans

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Either way ultrasounds have a 'fudge factor' of 1 to 2 weeks in determining accuracy. Read more Generally, transvag more accurate as you can get better views (usually). Read more An abdominal ultrasound at 11 weeks is just as accurate for dating as vaginal ( \- 1 wk) if the image quality is good.That said, there is some variable in the initial weeks. Au/services/pregnancy-ultrasound-5-17-weeks-dating-and-viability. the fact that these 2 ultrasounds agree means that you have very accurate dating. 8 wks is not necessarily more accurate for dating, but presence of a fetal pole and heart rate (which may not be seen at 6 wk) is more reassuring that the pregnancy is on track. Read more See 1 more doctor answer There has to be more to this story. See What if a screening test shows a possible problem?for more information on what may happen if a scan or other screening test suggests an abnormality.

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