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I thought he was a kid but a imdb checks says he is 30 AND 5ft 9in( which probably makes him 2 inches shorter). R91 -Why would it be interesting that a female teacher is impressed with a student? Do you think he put on a better performance because the teacher was female?

Did he imply that his female teacher was so impressed that she hit on him?

This is why I was wondering about the speculation on Milo and Hayden.

Pasdar has had whispers about his sexuality in the industry for over a decade.Sexual ambiguity, if not overdone (so that people WONDER instead of just the majority assuming someone's gay, e.g., Wentworth), IS an accepted way to build public intrigue in an otherwise mediocre actor like Milo.He's been linked to fucking Adrian, Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere just from the Heroes cast alone. I agree that his relationship with Adrian is, for lack of a more neutral term, suspect.Now of course I've logged on and found loads of people thinking the same thing.I don't think it starts from the real life photos of the actors looking close, I think it starts from something we're picking up that SHOULD be in the script. V.), if there were no demographic considerations, I think it would've been more interesting for Nathan Petrelli to have a gay lover, kept secret because of his political ambitions.

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