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Meanwhile, Wix sites are starting at .08 a month and that’s the most basic plan. We’re offering number of premium plans that enables our users to get more storage and bandwidth, remove the Wix ads, and the connect their Wix site to their own domain name.Payment for a premium service is still a much cheaper solution for a website creation than other tools out there (whether other online web development platforms or hiring designers). They would need to overhaul the platform for this to change.Also, you wrote that “you can’t verify Wix sites in Google Webmaster”. Site verification involves receiving a meta tag from Google Webmaster Tools and placing it on your Wix site. High bounce rate, leading to a lower ranking in Google is not an option in our platform. We have recently made many changes that should improve the performance and loading time of your site, including: 1.Wix websites load slower than those built on HTML (like Word Press) and this will lose people who do want to read about you. We have very little patience and having to wait 10 seconds to see a website is something we’re not used to. Slow loading sites will turn visitors off, and first impressions on the web can be everything. AND with a slow loading website, you will be further penalized by search engines because they know that your site provides poor user experience and they won’t want to vouch for it. Automatically optimizing images for optimal quality and site loading time; 2.In fact, the only good thing about Wix websites are that they are so easy that even the most technologically-challenged person can have a site up and running within an hour. EDIT (September 15, 2015): The reps at Wix contacted me to vehemently disagree with my post and say I have outdated information.

If Wix users aren’t satisfied with their sites loading time, we’re suggesting them to take a speed test on and send us a link with his results, as well as their site URL. If there is indeed an issue on our end, we will do our best to investigate it and fix it ASAP.The platform on which your site is built is not as significant with regards to indexation, as long as your content is visible.Wix sites have been built so as to ensure that all site content is visible and easily extracted by search engines.You can get hosting for as cheap as a month for your Word Press site. And you have full website capability and the ability to customize your heart out. ” ad on it, mobile ads and small amount of storage space. Again, I’m not sure if the WP comparison is always fair. Wix offers valuable premium services (hey, we need to make money too), but our business model allows us to provide everyone a professional website for free.You typically have all the space you can need, and you have a site that can be without ads if you like. Users that wish to upgrade their site will have the ads removed and receive a free yearly domain name (in case they don’t already have a domain they would like to transfer), as well as free 125$ coupons worth for advertising on Google/Bing.

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