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It is true that one can find all of these wonderful things but what most golfers don’t realize is that Thailand is a Mecca for world class golf and if you plan it right, you can find yourself strolling down impeccable fairways as you admire the stunning views and soak up the ancient history with your caddie or “guru” for the day in this enchanting land for much less than you thought. As Canada gets ready to celebrate her 150th birthday, these Southeast Asian countries have celebrated 100,s of more birthdays and offer you deep traditions, iconic temples, stupas as well as archaeological artefacts and ruins dating so far back that our youthful minds can hardly fathom.

The warmth of the people infused with the culture, food and the sights and sounds are all a feast for your senses unlike anything you have experienced before.

Peak season during this time is mid-December thru mid-January and prices can surge upwards of 120 percent.

Hot Season for those who are brave will find courses relatively empty (because it is hot, I mean HOT by 1Oam) and top resorts having vacancy and deals on their best suites.

Yes, I’m talking about the soul searching and spiritual land of Thailand in Southeast Asia.

When most people think of Thailand they immediately conjure up pictures of inspiring temples, Buddhist Monks, elephant camps and a magical land of enlightenment.

Go East Young Man The standard golf vacation spots for Canadians are south of the border, maybe to the Caribbean or either coast of our great nation itself.

With the rise and popularity of Cabot Links, the “East” is becoming one of the best destinations in our own back yard but have you ever thought about venturing even further east, as in the Far East?

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You will find some rain so make sure to pack some lightweight rain gear and an umbrella but it is usually only short afternoon showers timed perfectly after the round as you are resting and preparing for whatever the night has in store.

Also, note that most courses will do their aerification during this time so check maintenance schedules ahead of booking.

The Perfect Window Season is the time that runs from June to September as afternoon rains creep in cooling the days off and leaving the mornings the perfect time to play uncrowded stunning courses.

The golf courses will be in their best pristine shape and the after golf activities and distractions will be at an all time high with fellow travellers from around the globe enjoying all that is to be offered.

However, these ideal conditions will dig the deepest into your wallet or purse and sometimes the crowds and locals being fully aware that this is their time to make the most from you can be overwhelming.

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