Giants stadium sedating

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This is an issue beyond politics and sectional or caste-based appeal. It has been touted as the largest scientific experiment of our times.But the Large Hadron Collider and its operators at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research or CERN have had anything but a smooth sailing.The couple were put to death, killed by their own family members.Any dissent was not possible as families that did not conform to khap panchayat decrees were threatened with excommunication, exile and worse.

All of this proves how advanced scientific technology has become.

After its inaugural run in September 2008, the massive particle accelerator housed in a 27 kilometre long tunnel, 300 feet below the French-Swiss border, had to be shut down for repairs.

It was only in November last year that the scientists were able to bring the machine around and have it running smoothly.

This is being proposed as a measure to empower women.

Given this sentiment, it would be appropriate if both Houses adopted a resolution denouncing khap panchayats and calling for remedial action by individual State Governments.

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