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When people first meet me, they assume I'm a confident extrovert.But the truth is, I'm actually a super shy, awkward person who's learned how to fake it until I make it.I figure that asking each other questions and staring into each other’s eyes is far less-expensive than relationship counseling and it could give you a major closeness booster so it could be worth a shot, right?

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If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started."I believe in having a cheat sheet of questions to ask," Julie Spira, online dating expert and author of , told Elite Daily.Just make sure that when you do dip into your questions, you play it cool and don't start asking one question after another in a panic, because "firing off questions like you’re in a job interview or being interrogated by an attorney is an instant buzz-kill," she said. Focus on open-ended, light questions that make the person think a bit, but that will give you some insight into who they are.That way it keeps me open-minded and he’s allowed to change, grow, evolve, and maybe even surprise me sometimes.:)Use these questions in conjunction with a date night (24 Date Night Ideas for or Less) or when you’re just emptying out the dishwasher together.

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