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The book ranges widely across issues before reaching the conclusion that government policies might be improved if careful experimentation is used.

Capitol Punishment by Jack Abramoff Mamet discusses his conversion experience from liberalism to conservatism.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens Dickens takes us into the harsh Victorian-era reality of British industrialization. Britain's War Machine, by David Edgerton; and The Wages of Destruction, by Adam Tooze We live in an accordion economy: the 1% of the 1%, whose rate of gain since 1980 has recreated in this new century the concentrated wealth once supposed to have vanished with the Great Crash and New Deal.

Americans will do anything for Canada except read about it.

Social historian Frank Snowden offers a very different route to an answer about the relative underdevelopment of Southern Italy.

This post will be the hub for all book reviews that we have written, both on Frum Forum and at the Daily Beast.

Consider Trump’s longstanding refusal to adhere to the convention of financial disclosure, including publishing tax returns.

Also observe his maintenance of a business corporation while in office, including the cheerful acceptance of substantial payments from foreign partners into the bargain.

Even at this late date, Trump has refused to be forthcoming about his balance sheet, leaving any minimally curious citizen to wonder what enormous debts he has incurred, and to whom they are owed.

One might think such opaqueness about the finances of the chief executive would detain the attention of a remotely vigilant Congress.

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