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Often however it gets caught up in the power struggle of the pursuer and distancer. Join sex therapist Laurie Watson and psychotherapist Dr.Join sex therapist Laurie Watson and couples therapist Dr. Adam Mathews take on this trendy subject with honest answers to your questions.Reminding our significant others that we are partners and adults and will go out and act as such (as long as we have a Saturday night sitter) is a powerful thing.

Different sex positions have different pluses and minuses in different situations.It’s just the way things work, especially with younger kids who demand constant attention until the REM stage hits at night. we have either fallen asleep in our kids’ beds, or we are fighting the urge to fall asleep while catching up on a month’s worth of “Breaking Bad” and “Modern Family” episodes on DVR.It is the most important preventative medicine for the health of your marriage.Being married with kids is a constantly rotating Rubik’s cube.The dynamic of a childless couple is a world apart from how it is when you share your house with smaller people who do not contribute to the mortgage or insurance bills.

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