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If you keep walking around feeling like this, your life is going to get even worse than it currently is. Living among white people can be toxic for Asian men.I have to say, white people had been very unhealthy for my self-confidence and self-esteem.Your whole post is dripping with persecution complex. I get that you can be upset about aspects of American culture, or events that happen day-to-day, but this post is too much and too far.Also I have no idea why the mods are leaving it up.

If you're a girl, people make nice because they wanna fuck you.

Then I moved into a mixed Asian-Hispanic city in Southern California in 2009.

The place is mostly Asian, where I rarely interact with or even encounter white people.

I hate how they made so many of us fall into a hole of self-hate and servility and wanting to do anything to associate with white people while shunning our own faces and our own skin. Yes, the reality sucks loads of dick, but hating all white people is irrational.

Sometimes it's really fucking hard to deal with all this shit. You should be hating the racist ones, not all of them. There is nothing more erosive for an Asian man's self-image and self-esteem than long-term exposure to Hollywood products.) Here is my observation: whenever Hollywood puts an Asian in a TV show or movie, she or (especially) he is rarely if ever portrayed in a positive or even neutral light.

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