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Cell Phone Tracking It wont be long after you get your new bossy girlfriend that she will install tracking software in your cell phone.This way she will know exactly where you are at any given moment.There are many happy marriages where the husband serves as a slave.Men Seeking Wife Led Marriage An ever increasing amount of men are seeking a wife led marriage.For many dominant women they prefer it is the man that asks to be allowed to serve as a slave.These women love to watch their husband beg to be a slave.

Men are also reporting the pleasure of learning to serve and obey a bossy wife.Do not bother to offer your opinion because it is worthless. The fact remains that the only opinion and decision that counts is that of a bossy woman.Controlling your clothing No need to worry about what style of clothes to buy or wear as this will all be controlled by the woman. It does not matter if you like the clothes or not, the only thing that matters is what she likes.Decisions One thing you will soon find about dating a bossy woman is that they make all the decisions about the relationship and even about the way you live your life.The fact is a bossy woman knows what is best for you and it is a good idea that you understand and accept that.

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