Everquest dating

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The playable world in EQN was hundreds of feet deep in any given location, so players could dig down and discover hidden caverns, temples, and all sorts of secrets.The depths of Norrath could be procedurally generated, and while player-created tunnels could be permanent, world events such as earthquakes could collapse them and new content will be left waiting to be discovered.Players could potentially help or impede the progress of the city's construction by building walls, clearing nearby forests of goblins, or protecting miners from the dangers found below the city.

In EQ Next, players were not going to be limited to their original class choice.

Dynamic AI like this example was planned to be present throughout EQ Next, which meant the world was continuously changing based on the actions of individual players as well as collective groups of players.

Server-wide Public Quests that can take months of real time to complete and have a permanent impact on that server's version of Norrath.

Every class had two weapon types available to them, each with their own unique skills/abilities.

For example, the warrior class could either wield a two-handed sword or a hammer and shield.

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