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and when I go to edit the template and library files in Dreamweaver, they do not update their child-pages. I went back into my other drive (that I had initially made the website in), and updated something on the template page, and a thing pops up and goes through the process of updating each of the child pages. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with copying the files to another drive, that makes it not update? If that does not recognise that the page you updated has children it will likely be an issue because of the path of the files.If this is the case I would recommend you manage it as a new 'site' in Dreamweaver, but to do so I would export the original in the manage dialogue to a file, then import it back into DW Which version of DW are you using?

I am updating the section on the left under Our Services. Noticed after adding them and doing a Save, it did not update the other pages ofthe site. There is alwaysa dialog box that opens that asks if you want to update all pages.

Manually updating template-based documents is the same as reapplying the template.

Contribute users can’t make changes to a Dreamweaver template.

Does uploading/downloading strip something essential from the files, so that the dwt doesn't work any more?

If so, how am I suposed to update a file online when away from home? The best thing to do is to publish the site to maintain the integrity of the Frontpage website:

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