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IN THIS CHAPTER Creating a Dreamweaver Site Using the Files Panel Summary Sample Questions Macromedia Dreamweaver enables you to develop and deploy your Web sites according to development best practices.Best practices suggest that you create your Web pages using the following three environments: refers to a location of a Web site's files and subfolders.The fact that most (or all) of the pages of a typical website share the same design is not accidental. Such a familiarity with your site means that they will be able to easily locate the things they need from your site, making the site appear more user-friendly to them.Since we want all the pages of our site to share the same basic design, it stands to reason that we will save time when designing new pages if we simply create a template for the site.By the end of this chapter, you will have accomplished the following: Note that if you have not been following this tutorial series, you may find this chapter a bit bewildering, since the information and skills presented here are built upon things taught in the earlier parts.If you're new to Dreamweaver CS4, you may find it easier to start with the first chapter.

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As with any programming paradigm, it is recommended that you develop files in an environment separate from which a user can access.There are only 3 sections left on your web page that are currently not marked as editable.The "Header", which should contain your website's name and logo, the side navigation menu bar and your "Footer", which probably currently contain your copyright notice.This makes the arduous task of changing the design of a site extremely simple, since Dreamweaver does all the tedious work.This chapter deals with how you can use that template system to manage your site.

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