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I processed quite a few orders myself for this particular item. It was later discovered that Tom Papania is a fraud. Part of Tom Papania's testimony was stolen from another man who filed a lawsuit against Focus on the Family which forced the ministry to discontinue the Papania tape and remove it from their catalog. They keep quiet about the issue and refuse to take the pro-active position needed to correct the problem.

But did the ministry ever issue a public apology on any of their radio programs or in their magazines for the role they played in promoting a liar? If you contact the ministry asking for the tape you will be informed that because of concerns with the accuracy of Tom Papania's testimony they have decided to no longer endorse the man. They don't volunteer it.) But what about the many thousands of people who bought the tape and think they possess a legitimate story of Christian conversion?

During my tenure with Focus the management there had told me and the other employees that the Tom Papania broadcast would not be re-aired on the daily Focus radio program because it created too much of a response through the phone lines which our staff was not prepared to handle.

That's what I was led to believe until I had the impromptu conversation with that other Focus employee who told me what he said was the real reason.

For millions of supporters of Focus on the Family, including the large constituencies of Evangelical, Catholic and Charismatic believers the notion that there are catastrophic problems within a ministry they have been led to believe is helping to strengthen the family unit and spread the Gospel is often hard for them to grasp.

As a former employee and past supporter of this ministry I too at one time firmly believed that Focus on the Family was a God-ordained vehicle of truth and deliverance.

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But before I do that I would like to comment on some very problematic issues that are receiving little or no attention from any other sources.

Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.

The Focus leadership has no interest in warning the public about Papania because for them to admit publicly that they made a mistake promoting him would create a public relations disaster that would hurt their reputation.

In the late summer of '97 I had a conversation with another Focus employee in the Administration building at the Focus headquarters here in Colorado Springs.

The young man (who worked in a technical department) told me that the ministry would not rebroadcast the Papania tape through its radio outlets because another person had recently offered testimony in a court of law that directly conflicted with Papania's story... I was also told that this person had written a book about his life in the mafia.

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