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Donny Deutsch’s age is 59 years old and he was born Donald Jay Deutsch on November 22, 1957 in Hollis Hills, a neighborhood in Queens, New York City.

Although his new home was completed last fall, Deutsch can’t quite believe it’s all his.“I walk in and I’m waiting for someone to go...”—he taps himself on the shoulder—“Out! “It was the first thing I found that made sense spending money on,” he says. Throughout the house the decor complements the art but never conflicts with or detracts from its impact.In the second-floor living room, sofas, carpets, and walls are mainly variations on white, with jolts of color supplied by a blue Yves Klein cocktail table and a pair of deep-red velvet tub chairs.Lee.“It does show you with what’s happening, starting obviously with the president on down, how the country is just on edge, to the point where you get this insane overreaction,” Deutsch said on The brand manager and advertising executive also said that Trump, whom he used to like, has tendencies that resemble a sociopath.“I watched the speech the other night, we’ve been at this for two years now, and we all try as intellectuals to analyze and get our arms around it,” Deutsch said.“I happened to stumble across the symptoms and definition of a sociopath.”Co-host Joe Scarborough chimed in to defend the president after he disagreed with Deutsch’s comment.“Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no, Donny,” the former GOP congressman said.

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