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If in doubt, I recommend backing up all your data redundantly on various media before.Disclaimer 2: Let me tell you this first: If you don’t have any backups of your i Phone, don’t use i Tunes for i Phone backups and don’t have Time Machine backups of those backups in i Tunes, you’re likely out of luck.Thankfully, there’s a way to automatically delete Voice Memos that you’ve marked to be deleted. This feature shows up as a setting item for Voice Memos. Read more: Here Are the 20 New i OS 12 Settings You Should Know About Step 1: Open the Settings app and look for the Voice Memos option. Step 3: Here, you’ll see options like 7 Days, 30 Days, Never and Immediately.Step 1: Swipe left on the Voice Memo and tap on the Delete button. If you want your notes to be deleted permanently, always, tap on the Immediately option.Voice Memos offers tools to trim and edit a recording.But before we get to that, I suggest you duplicate the recording that you’re going to edit.Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem generally provides a fantastic UX by tight integration, relatively good usability (compared to most competitors) and good services and support.

The Most Common i OS 12 Problems How to Speed up Your Slow i Phone After Upgrading i OS 12?They didn’t find any such issue mentioned in their support database though and apparently, none of the supporters I talked to ever heard of anything like that before, despite it being mentioned all over twitter).For understandable legal reasons, as they never recommend “random” 3rd party tools as a matter of principle, they couldn’t recommend the solution detailed in this blog post, but suggested a more general solution, involving only Apple tools and services (see at the very bottom of this post; if you don’t mind the risk and backing up your i Phone to i Cloud, you could try this alternatively).At least I didn’t find any method to restore the disappeared voice memos on the i Phone itself – once i OS 12.x is installed, those memos apparently weren’t anywhere on the device itself anymore.Considering i OS 12’s and i Phone’s more and more restrictive data protection measures, it would likely also be difficult for professional data recovery services to recover any lost voice memos from the device (they would need to be technically on par with secret services and forensic experts - According to the Apple support, this should intelligently merge old and new data, so that you end up with i OS 12 and all the new and old data on it, without losing any, including the old, previously vanished voice memos.

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