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This guide is quite comprehensive, and has been written in a simple manner that could be understood quickly by anyone.

Indeed, if you read carefully and follow all the steps here, you beat a woman’s mind games – pretty much guaranteed!

As we get older, the things we want out of life often change, and we have less time to play games and be superficial – this is a good thing!

But it still helps to know about the emotional languages and occasional disconnects that come up between older men and women.

For a free online Masterclass on how to use Mind Control to dominate women, enter your email address below – person. In fact, here’s the truth about dating and seducing women… Here’s the long and short of it – if you want to win in the game of dating, you’ll have to manipulate women and completely dominate them. If you’re not, then understand that it’s probably the “grand daddy” of all female Mind Control techniques, reputedly able to make a woman get emotionally addicted to a man in less than 15 minutes.

Yes, it’s that (I have experienced this beforehand, many, many times.) Fractionation is too lengthy to be described in this (already kinda lengthy) blog post, and so I’d recommend that you watch this short video (created by my good friend Fredo Hill who also happens to be one of Derek Rake’s clients).

It’s a PDF file which you can download and keep for easy reference.

Many single women over 50 are simply asking, “Where are all the older single men?

You’ll need to enter your email address so that Derek can email you the link.

Remember to enter your best email address because Derek’s email system is quite wonky for some reason (his emails don’t get sent out to email accounts that seem to be spammy or blacklisted.) Enjoy, and don’t forget to send me your feedback, okay?

Many women have been hurt or disappointed by relationships in their lives and are a little afraid to actively participate in looking for love.

However, if you really want to find someone special, you have to make an effort – you really have to want to find a quality relationship! The stakes of dating are not as high at this part of our life.

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