Dll import error when updating

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But now, as a generally available release, it remains in this unique state instead of being shipped as an installable and updatable module from the Power Shell Gallery using Install-Module (as we're able to use for the Azure AD V2 module and many others).

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That said, the point of this article is not to debate Microsoft's response to the vulnerability report.

A recent episode of the popular Risky Business infosec podcast titled “Good Microsoft, Bad Microsoft” discusses a security vulnerability in a Power Shell tool used to manage Exchange Online.

I have listened to the podcast twice (once the first time, and then a second time to make some notes for this article) and it seems they're referring to the Exchange Online Remote Power Shell module, aka EXOPS.

If you know exactly where the DLL file is, you can import it easily with Import-Module.

If you don't know the exact path, there are many tips available via a Google search with easy solutions such as this one: Although that solves the problem of importing the module into custom scripts, it introduces a new problem that is particularly relevant in light of the security vulnerability mentioned earlier.

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