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It may be that Hadrian 1 and his successors were even too anxious to regulate the succession far in advance : in that case, it is only fair to set their great successes against this one disastrous failure. COS - 1 II I is indeed common in the dated series, after a.d.

The great mint of Alexandria in Egypt issues its base tetradrachms and its aes (mainly of sestertius size) in great profusion . 147, when the title ‘Augusta’ was conferred on the younger Faustina ; it may have seemed desirable to differentiate her from her mother.

When Antoninus died, full of years and honour in a.d. There was no possible rival to Marcus Aurelius, son by adoption of Antoninus, husband of his daughter, Faustina the Younger, and already in the fifteenth year of the tribuni- cian power. 145-147, though it contains an occasional coin of later date (cp.

Occasionally, the shadow of sterner realities falls across the scene : for the most part, the coinage, like the reign it represents, is static, not dynamic, and draws its inspiration from the permanent aspects of a system that ran so smoothly that it hardly seemed to move.

xxx, xxxi SPECIAL INTRODUCTION TO REIGNS - Antoninus Pius .... 195, linking himself to the great Antonine dynasty and not attempting to exclude Commodus from it. xiv INTRODUCTION and silver (medallions) hardly occur.

He was dominated by favourites, who did not improve in quality as they succeeded one another, and finally died by a palace conspiracy on the last night of a.d. The hatred of the senate and upper classes that damned his memory did not extend to the army or the lower orders : Septimius Severus, assuredly no sentimentalist, restored his honours in a.d.

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