Dating turnoffs for women

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A man who makes her feel “safe” and treats her like she’s a vital part of his very existence, and not just a favourite sperm dumpsite.3.

A man who does not shy away from public display of affection (PDA moments).

According to guys, they could be dating the hottest girl ever, but if she has bad breath or doesn’t smell great then a relationship is just out of the question.

Flirting is great but remember ladies, you need to be flirting with your date and not the cute waiter or the hot guy sitting at table beside you.

Drama just isn’t for them, they’re not interested in what happened between you and the girl you really don’t see eye to eye with.

Both sexes agree that bad hygiene is just a complete no-no and is an instant passion killer.

Ladies, we all have an inner diva, but when you’re dating, be sure to keep her locked away and just go with the flow. Find out the best secrets to your success, chat with an expert.

A man who is pleasure oriented rather than performance oriented.

We know as well as anyone else that the dating is hard work and understanding guys and what turns them off can be a huge challenge. but we're about to make things a whole lot easier for you! Knowing what turns guys is off is just as important as knowing what guys like and want in a partner.

We all want to look our hottest when we go on dates by showing off our best assets, but looking sexy needs to be done in moderation.

Being overly sexy could send the wrong message and is frankly a little distracting for guys.

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