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Update your hairstyle, get a new outfit, check your nails and smile. Smelling great has a psychological affect on our confidence too according to research done at the University of Liverpool. Making eye contact comes naturally when you feel comfortable and confident. If people are asking you to repeat yourself, it means you need to speak louder and clearer. Giving a compliment shows that you notice things and are prepared to acknowledge them. Words are very powerful and affect you and the other person.

So try out different body washes, antiperspirants and body sprays. Remember to look at people’s faces, but balance it out by looking away during pauses in conversation; otherwise it could be too intense. It should be sincere and may be about an aspect of their appearance, or a funny story they told, or an accomplishment they have shared with you. Even if you are feeling nervous and a little low, don’t use words like “anxious, depressed, tired, down useless”. Stay open to new opportunities to get to know new people. Ask questions to show you heard what they said and would like to know a little more. Men can try to impress by telling a woman about their car, house/houses and other assets.

People love to be around others who are smiling and happy.

If you never leave the house because you don’t feel so great about yourself, then unless you use an Internet dating service, no one is going to come to you.

Diarising date nights in long-term a relationship is as recommended as booking in a monthly GNO – once you're settled into the groove of a relationship making time to do something special can become more infrequent, yet it's more important.

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Making yourself vulnerable to rejection by a complete stranger has got to be one of the craziest things we do as humans.To date successfully as a man or woman, you need to increase your confidence level.Some things are easy to change, while other idiosyncrasies will take some practice.My confidence, and confidence, was boosted and the results were special.The date was perfect, as was the weekend that followed.

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