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It is pretty clear that Venezuela is home to some pretty unique phenomena.

However, neither the never-ending lighting at Catatumbo River nor the world record-breaking Angel Falls waterfalls, come anywhere close to the beauty of Venezuelan women.

That’s why dating advice is probably only popular in English-speaking countries where men need to work on this area – If you go to Spain, South America, France or Italy, you’ll notice that every man understands seduction as if they are born that way.

But of course, everyone is sexual by nature; however, in English-speaking cultures, boys have learned to hide their sexual energy for some reason.” Leading like a real man means you should be the masculine leader while you are on a date with a Venezuelan girl.

Today Virginia W., resident expert from a Venezuelan women dating website, would like to share her insights with us:* “Most Venezuelan men are masculine leaders in relationships, so you are competing with a group of manly men if you’d like to date Venezuelan women,” says Virginia, a hot Venezuelan lady who looks like Miss Universe or Miss World, “Men from Spanish-speaking countries are naturally masculine leaders.

The culture is not all that is beaming with variety as far as this Latin American country is concerned.

It also happens to be home to some of the rarest animals on the planet. The diversity landed Venezuela on Conservation International’s list of 17 most mega-diverse countries in the world.

They are more feminine, so they usually expect men to pay for everything on a date.

Many Venezuelan beauties may offer to pay, but they do that just to be polite – they really don’t want to pay on a date! You only accept her offer when she actually takes out money from her wallet and stops you. So you should always pay on a date with a Venezuelan girl, as long as you can afford to pay.

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