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The Front has clashed on occasion with both Morocco and Mauritania forces, with Algerian support.

Mauritania left the Western Sahara in 1979, but Morocco continues to maintain its presence there.

Border disputes While Morocco had supported the Algerian independence movement against France in the 1950s and 1960s, a colonialist legacy of border problems has left its mark.

Under French occupation, Algeria was a colony — a part of metropolitan France — and Morocco held the less-empowered status of a protectorate.

(TRTWorld) Western Sahara Since the end of Spanish occupation in the Western Sahara, the region has been contested territory between Morocco and the Polisario Front.

The Front fought against Spanish occupation until 1975; parts of the Western Sahara were annexed by Morocco and Mauritania in 1976.

Algeria sees the Sahara dispute as a "decolonisation issue” and finds "a duty of solidarity with the Sahrawi people for the exercise of their legitimate rights."But Rabat regards the Sahara as part of Moroccan territory, calling the region its southern provinces.In 1972, the countries reached a final border agreement.But with the emergence of the Western Sahara issue following the departure of Spain — another European colonialist power — from the region in 1975, ties between Algeria and Morocco deteriorated.In order to revive relations between the two countries, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI recently extended one of his warmest reconciliatory statements toward Algeria to date since the 1994 attack.In his invitation for talks, the king described Algeria as a “sister nation,” expressing his readiness “for a direct and frank dialogue.” Morocco’s call for bilateral talks with Algeria coincide with a new UN initiative to break the Western Sahara deadlock between the Polisario Front and Rabat.

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