Dating older someone

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(34 year old Asian woman with big boobs, 19 year old white boy)We lived together for a bit over a year and ended up breaking up just because I knew deep down I wasn't that serious (and had girls at work 10 years younger than her flirting with me) and I didn't want to break up with her when she was 40 as I felt that would be unfair.She was at a age where she really should of got married (i dont think anyone wants to be single in their 40s) while I was just starting out with dating and life in general and didn't want to settle down I can somewhat relate.I still managed to stand out to her, so I think that says something about how well we click.

Date went well, to say the least , as we ended up at a hotel.

It's possibly one of the biggest issues we face currently in our relationship but because it's not a really "day to day" issue, we don't address it much.i'm with a girl who's 3 years older, and while that's not a big gap, that's more noteworthy in our 20's than it would be in our 40's.

She might only have 27 years to my 24, but she's got 9 years in the adult world to my 6.

I don't even know what to do with her at this point.20 year difference in ours. And no, it has nothing to do with a midlife crisis. I've been in all three types of age gap relationships.

I feel like that dude talking about his rapidash in the first Pokemon game. It wouldn’t work out imo if she wasn’t so mature already.

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