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The kindest thing you can do is to be straightforward about what you need her to do differently, so that she’s clear about the expectations she needs to meet.But you can frame that in a way that’s kind and supportive.Margaery has asked around with people who have been in the program for a while, and all have advised her that getting involved with Robb is a bad idea.Their reasoning is that if she is serious about dating him (which I could see), it should be okay, but if things end badly, then things could turn nasty.You could also suggest that she file for intermittent FMLA if she needs it. I found out that I received the job, and on my first day, I told my supervisor, Jane that in a few months, I had plane tickets to be away for a week and asked if she thought it would be a problem.I gave Jane the dates and she told me it was fine and she put it into her calendar.

Her hygiene has suffered — not to the point where I need to send her home, but it is something I can spot as someone who knows her usual level of care.I understand she has limited bandwidth and this is somewhat out of her control, but I also am concerned about the work.How can I balance being compassionate as she adjusts her treatment with being her boss and needing to proceed with projects?We have a friendly relationship, and she has disclosed to me that she suffers from bipolar disorder.She has not asked for official accommodations, but she’s recently taken advantage of her PTO and my flexibility by taking half days once or twice a week for doctor visits.

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