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To what extent does the traditional house maintain its inward-looking pattern?In many political and socioeconomic circumstances, certain boundaries between state and nation have been crossed to develop particular power oriented ideologies, secular or religious, serving specific groups with political agendas.The book, first of the Springer book series of Human Well-Being Research and Policy Making, is a timely work in that it addresses quality of life in the 21 nations of the Middle East and North Africa Region by The book introduces the concepts of worldviews/cosmologies of Muslims, explaining that the different types of worldviews are not constructed solely by religious scholars or intellectual elite, but are latent in Islamic tradition, embedded in popular imagination, and triggered through people's everyday interaction in various countries and communities.He draws from a number of sources including in-depth interviews and participant observation as well as government documents and oral history.El-Sayed el-Aswad is currently professor of anthropology- Department of Sociology at United Arab Emirates University. He is a member of Editorial Advisory Boards of Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES) and Muslims in Global Societies Series, Co-editor of Cyber Orient: Online Journal of the Virtual Middle East and contributing editor: Tabsir: Insight on Islam and the Middle East. (2005), “Magic Bodily Members: Human Eye and Hand, in Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore: A Handbook, Garry and Hasan E-l Shamy (eds.), Armonk NY: M. Guided by a major theme this book shows that the significant gains we have made in combatting Jihadist terrorism are not enough, but that we need to embrace a much broader and comprehensive view of the antecedents and the sustaining enablers of this threat to help guide any sustainable efforts. He has been awarded fellowships from various institutes including the Fulbright Program, Ford Foundation, Egyptian government, and United Arab Emirates. It builds on results of the extensive body of quality of life studies to document the historical, geo-political, economic, religious, cultural and media drivers of Jihadist terrorism.What are the main social and spatial features of the traditional house?

He has previously taught at Tanta University Egypt), Wayne State University (USA) and Bahrain University.

Through the perspectives of ethno-cosmology, emic interpretation of sacred tradition, modernity, folklore, geography, dream, imagination, hybridity, and identity transformation, he examines how culturally and religiously constructed images of the world influence the daily actions of people in various Muslim communities.

The worldviews of Sunnis, Shi'as, and Sufis are covered in turn, and Muslims in the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, and suburban Detroit are the focus.

This cosmological view, endowing people with a unique imaginative sense of engagemenet with a supraphenomenal reality, accentuates the belief that divine cosmic invisible higher power surpasses any other power.

Such a belief represents an inexhaustible source of spiritual and emotional empowerment that may be politically mobilized in certain critical moments and depicted as a religious, holy struggle, or jihad.

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