Dating innacurate

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How much weight is actually placed on an opinion is likely to depend on the experience and reliability of the person whose opinion it is, and what they base their opinion on.An opinion formed during a brief meeting will probably be given less weight than one derived from considerable dealings with the individual. Instead, you need to consider whether the personal data is “adequate” for your purposes, in line with the data minimisation principle.Keeping a record of the mistake and its correction might also be in the individual’s best interests.Example A misdiagnosis of a medical condition continues to be held as part of a patient’s medical records even after the diagnosis is corrected, because it is relevant for the purpose of explaining treatment given to the patient, or for other health problems.However, the Data Protection Act 2018 does say that ‘inaccurate’ means “incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact”.It will usually be obvious whether personal data is accurate.

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If it becomes clear that an opinion was based on inaccurate data, you should also record this fact in order to ensure your records are not misleading.However a record saying that the individual once lived in London remains accurate, even though they no longer live there.Example The Postcode Address File (PAF) contains UK property postal addresses.Moreover, the record of the doctor’s initial diagnosis may help those treating the patient later, and in data protection terms is required in order to comply with the ‘adequacy’ element of the data minimisation principle.If an individual challenges the accuracy of an opinion, it is good practice to add a note recording the challenge and the reasons behind it.

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