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When they were still completing Leg 12 (which aired alongside Leg 13 in the final episode), Team Guido was required to have villagers bounce one teammate upwards using an Alaskan tapestry.

According to the DVD commentary, the tapestry broke under the weight the day before, so a trampoline had to be used instead.

In Tough Climb, teams must travel to Notre Dame de Paris and had to climb up the 297 steps of the cathedral and ring Quasimodo's bell to receive their next clue.

Additionally, the show premiered and competed in the same time slot as with NBC's short-lived Lost, another reality show with a similar premise.

The show did just well enough to earn a second season, which aired the following spring.

The Fast Forward instructed teams to find the Bundu Adventures rafting company near the Zambezi River, where one team had to whitewater raft down the treacherous rapids of the Zambezi River to retrieve the Fast Forward award.

At the museum, teams found the Detour: a choice between Near or Far.

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