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The Tailored Look If you're in the Raleigh, North Carolina area make sure to look up my friend Charlie Fortune. The Chan legacy comes from the original Shanghainese schools of traditional tailoring.

Get clear on where you are in life, where you want to be, what you are ready for, and what you need to work on to open yourself and to create space in your life for love to come in.

They are on the higher end of price but it goes hand in hand with the quality of service and the craftsmanship.

If you’ve been there once – they will remember your name when you walk through their doors the next time. Chan & Sons has served an exclusive niche of the elegant men of Hong Kong since 1952.

The brand has a long and proud history of tailoring – continuing in the great tradition of English Bespoke tailoring. So I’d like to think 🙂 Montagio Custom Tailoring Montagio Custom Tailoring is Sydney's leading fashion tailor for men.

Impeccable Image My friend Kimberly runs this company out of Milwaukee, WI. I tried them when I was getting married and then again at business school. They have personally styled and tailored mens suits for thousands of happy customers, and you too can experience the same red carpet treatment.

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