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They simply illustrate that petitioner had descended to the level of name-calling and foul-language discourse. The station was not suspended for the broast of the monologue, which the U. Supreme Court merely considered indecent speech based on the context in which it was delivered. The monologue was broast at p.m., when children were presumptively in the audience. FCC, establishes the safe harbor period to be from in the evening to in the morning, when the number of children in the audience is at a minimum. and a.m., the broasting of material considered indecent is permitted. and p.m., the broast of any indecent material may be sanctioned.

Members believe in the superiority of their “religion” over all other religions.

Petitioner next harps on the primacy of his freedoms, referring particularly to the exercise of his religious beliefs and profession, as presiding minister of his flock, over the right and duty of the state as parens patriae.

To merit a "G" rating, the program must be "suitable for all ages," which, in turn, means that the "material for television [does not], in the judgment of the [MTRCB], x x x contain anything unsuitable for children and minors, and may be viewed without adult guidance or supervision." As previously discussed by the Court, the vulgar language petitioner used on prime-time television can in no way be characterized as suitable for all ages, and is wholly inappropriate for children.

Plain and simple insults directed at another person cannot be elevated to the status of religious speech.

The fact that he came out with his statements in a televised bible exposition program does not automatically accord them the character of a religious discourse.

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