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Loreto may even have been where Soprani bought the Austrian instrument that gave him the opportunity to change his life, and the Marian city was also the starting point for making his product known and become widely distributed.The accordion enjoyed such popularity and success in Italy at that time that Giuseppe Verdi decided to propose the study of the instrument in Italian conservatories.

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The town of the Marches, which had about 9,000 inhabitants at that time, provided employment for about 10,000 workers, mainly from the neighbouring towns of Loreto, Osimo and Recanati.

It was difficult to find an accordionist who could develop even a fragmented melody with the left hand or was capable of arousing the admiration of an audience.

The bellows were understood solely in terms of air production or, at best, as a means for highlighting rhythmic accents.

Another crisis was looming on the horizon, however: a change in musical tastes, with melody giving way to rhythm in music.

Many business owners managed to convert their companies to the production of pianos, guitars and other musical instruments over a short space of time but, unfortunately, the small-scale businesses producing hand-crafted accordions were hardest hit.

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