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Shell says much of the plastic from the plant can be used to create fuel-efficient cars and medical devices.

But the industry acknowledges that some of the world’s waste management systems are unable to keep up with other forms of plastic like water bottles, grocery bags and food containers being discarded by consumers on the move.

The plant is one of more than a dozen that are being built or have been proposed around the world by petrochemical companies like Exxon Mobil and Dow, including several in nearby Ohio and West Virginia and on the Gulf Coast.

And after decades of seeing American industrial jobs head overseas, the rise of the petrochemical sector is creating excitement.

On Tuesday, President Trump is scheduled to tour the Shell plant.

The boom is driven partly by plastic’s popularity as a versatile and inexpensive material that keeps potato chips fresh and makes cars lighter.

Over time, the earth shifted and the sea was covered by rock, which compressed all of the dead organisms and sediment that had settled on its watery bottom into rich layers of hydrocarbons, including those that make up natural gas. Mercer has spent 32 years traveling the world for Shell — in southern Iraq and in eastern Russia — helping turn those hydrocarbons deep within the earth into energy. Mercer, an English-born, Oxford-educated engineer, works out of a red brick building in Beaver, Pa. Mercer has come here to build is “as big as you get,” she said.

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“It just accumulates and ends up in the wrong places.

The superheated gas is then cooled, forming solid pellets about the size of arborio rice. Creating more plastic, she says, helps to reduce carbon emissions by creating lighter and more efficient cars and airplanes. You have plastic in solar panels.”She added: “The ability to do those renewable things relies to some extent on the plastics we produce and the chemicals that we produce. I see it as part of a journey.”Shell’s journey into plastics was driven by a need to generate profits at a time its primary business — oil and gas production — struggles with persistently low prices.

It is also a way for the energy industry to hedge against declining gasoline consumption as cars become more efficient or powered by electricity.

It will have its own rail system with 3,300 freight cars.

And it will produce more than a million tons each year of something that many people argue the world needs less of: plastic.

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